The Creighton Model FertilityCareTM System is highly effective for avoiding or achieving pregnancy. It is a true system of natural family planning since it can be used to avoid or achieve pregnancy – it’s up to the couple to decide which way to use the system.





Using the System to Avoid Pregnancy

As published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine1:

  • The method effectiveness (using the system perfectly) is 99.5%
  • The use-effectiveness (typical use with real life conditions) is 96.8%


As a comparison, the birth control pill has a typical use effectiveness of only 95%2




Using the System to Achieve Pregnancy

For couples of normal fertility, 76% get pregnant the first cycle. 98% are pregnant by the sixth cycle.

For more information on the effectiveness for couples with infertility, see “Help with Infertility” .

What about help with infertility?




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