How It Works

A woman’s body gives signs which tell her when she is naturally fertile or infertile during her cycle.  The Creighton Model FertilityCareTM System teaches women to identify these signs. Couples can then use that information to naturally achieve or avoid pregnancy by selecting when to have intercourse.


This is not the calendar or rhythm method of the 1960s, but is an ovulation method based on solid scientific and educational research with a high effectiveness. It is a true method of natural family planning because it gives couples the information they need for both avoiding and achieving pregnancy.


The system is easy to learn and interpret, and can be used during a woman’s entire reproductive life. It can be used with regular cycles, irregular cycles, anovulatory states, while breastfeeding, when approaching menopause, when stopping use of the birth control pill, or in any other situation.


Use of the system also allows women to monitor their procreative and gynecological health and to identify any potential problems using NaProTechnology.


It offers true hope for couples who are struggling with infertility.  We realize that infertility is not a diagnosis by itself, but a symptom of an underlying issue.  By accurately diagnosing and treating the underlying health condition, health and fertility are improved.


It is a shared system between the spouses which can help improve communication. The system also focuses on helping couples to appreciate all aspects of their spouse which can lead to closer intimacy.

Is It Effective?