About the Teacher

My journey to embrace Natural Family Planning (NFP) has been slow and rocky. I was raised Catholic, but the beauty and truth of NFP was poorly explained to me… or maybe I just didn’t listen well!  Regardless, I believe that NFP is often misunderstood – even among Catholics.  That is one of the reasons why I became inspired to teach NFP.


I’m passionate about true healthcare for women and help for couples struggling with infertility.  I feel that we have been let down by a system that doesn’t seek to understand the complexities and beautiful design of our bodies.  Instead of hoping for the best with a band-aid solution, we deserve solutions that address the underlying health issues and seek to restore proper function.


My husband and I have used the Creighton Model System since 2006.  In 2011, I began the education necessary to become a teacher of the Creighton Model System.  I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to help women and couples, and I would love to help you too!


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