Learning the Method

The first step in learning the Creighton Model FertilityCareTM System is to attend an Introductory Session.   These are often group sessions and provide a basic overview of the method.  The Introductory Session is also ideal for anyone who just wants to learn more about natural family planning.   


To continue learning the system, individual follow-up sessions are attended. These follow-up sessions provide the opportunity to tailor the system for your particular needs and ensure that the system is effectively taught.   There are generally eight follow-ups while the system is learned during the first year. For the first two months, follow-ups are held every two weeks. The next follow-up is typically one month later, and then follow-ups are attended every three months for the remainder of the year. After the initial year, long term follow-ups are held once or twice a year.


The system may be effectively taught in person or via Skype.


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